Light from Above: Sacred Scripture for the 21st Century and Beyond



Mark Ahavel’s Light from Above: Sacred Scriptures for the 21st Century and Beyond, 2nd edition, is an amazingly inspiring book that represents the faith of billions of believers in its various parts, operating with the premise of one Creator God, based primarily on the Judeo-Christian Scriptures and yet beautifully and harmoniously emphasizes universal truths connecting billions of souls across religious and denominational lines, thereby creating a more firm foundation of religious peace in the world. The book is a complete sacred scriptures with sections on Divine Narrative, Prophecy and Prayers, Poetry and Psalms, Wisdom/Didactic, opening Versicles and concluding Exhortations, an introduction, appendices, and subject index, totaling 377 pages. All the material is fresh and relevant for today’s world.


(c) Mark Ahavel
1st ed. 2012 Global Faith
2nd ed. Tate Publishing (now out of business) Only a few copies are left of the 2nd ed.
current order and price is the 2nd ed. ISBN 978-62746-077-4
paperback, 377 pages

3rd ed. print (3rd ed. on Kindle) is scheduled for printing later in 2019. You can

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