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Making America Great Twenty Wheelhouse Theses header and theses 1-3


Flagship Broadside

Making America Great: The Twenty Wheelhouse Theses, Paul Wheelhouse, Wheel House Publications, Dec. 23, 2016, 1st ed.
11 X 17″ broadside poster printed on gloss card stock
July 2019, 2nd ed.  BUY

Five Laws of Information in Society, (c) 2015 Paul Wheelhouse
11″ X 17″ Broadside printed on glossy cardstock

Drafted by Paul Wheelhouse October 2015 while taking the Library in Information and Society course at UIUC for the MSLIS program. The professor made it into a class activity for each of the five groups to encapsulate the “law” into a short phrase. The whole class is there credited with contributing to the overall Five Laws with the exception that the 5th law in its succinct four-word phrase was the first one written by P. Wheelhouse.  The drafter made some final edits before publishing. BUY

2015-2017 Faith and Truth Broadsides

The following broadsides are set to 8 1/2 X 11″ size. The print products are printed on cardstock or certificate paper. To order your copy (or copies) of any of them, please go to the All Products Shop page
Truth Trumps and Transcends, 2015 (edited in final form April 11, 2020)
The Vastness of Truth, P. Wheelhouse, 2017
The Truth of Nature, P. Wheelhouse, 2017
The Holy Spirit cannot be Controlled, P. Wheelhouse, 2017
Place of Purity…Paradise (Vs.) Destruction, M. Ahavel, 2017

truth trumps individuals social contracts philosophical tractates transcends ethnic cultural barriers national borders religious traditions metaphysics universals
Truth Trumps & Transcends Broadside

Truth Trumps and Transcends

vastness truth one analogy finger in ocean all
Vastness of Truth Broadside


Truth of Nature not confirms to Human Abstracts
Truth of Nature Broadside
Holy Spirit cannot be controlled
Holy Spirit Not Controlled Broadside
In place of purity springs paradise but sin leads to destruction
Place of Purity Paradise Vs Destruct Broadside

Free Prayer Broadsides

The following nine prayer broadsides are excerpts from the book Global Prayers for All People: Various Occasions, 2010). Seven out of the nine below are occupational prayers from Part III Occupational Prayers. You may wish to have not only your own copy in your office, cubical, desk, or other job site station, but may even want a copy to post a on bulletin board or wall where you may be allowed to encourage fellow employees. All the prayers are non-sectarian, all simply prayer in the name of “God.”
Each prayer is formatted on an 8 1/2″ X 11″ page, one page each.
To request your free copy for a PDF to be emailed to you, send your request through the Contact form. Thank you. You are granted a limited license to make up to ten (20) photocopies for distributing to your co-workers, friends, and/or family members.

Here is the list and below are images:

Prayer for Religious Leaders

Prayer for World Civil Leaders

Prayer for Judges and Lawyers

Prayer for Archivists, Librarians, Curators, Museum…

Prayer for Doctors, Prayer for Nurses and Aids

Prayer for Educators

Prayer for Students

Prayer for Land and Sea

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for religious leaders, 2010
Prayer for religious leaders, 2010
Prayer for World & Civic Leaders, 2010
Prayer for World & Civic Leaders, 2010
Prayer for Judges & Lawyers 2010
Prayer for Judges & Lawyers, 2010
Prayer for Doctors & Nurses, 2010
Prayer for Doctors & Nurses, 2010
Prayer for Educators, 2010
Prayer for Educators, 2010
Prayer for Students, 2010
Prayer for Students, 2010
prayer for archivists, librarians, curators, etc. Broadside
prayer for archivists, librarians, curators, etc. 2010

Prayer for Earth Land & Sea

Prayer for Earth, Land, and Sea, 2010

Prayer for Peace, 2010
Prayer for Peace, 2010