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Global Prayers for All People: Various Occasions, Many Traditions, Rev. Paul Wheelhouse, 1st ed. 2010, 2nd edition Tate Publishing 2013  print: paperback 6 X 9” 127 pages. 3rd ed. on Kindle, Wheel House Publications, and 3rd print edition planned for 2022

“The Prayer book for the Twenty-first Century”

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available on Kindle Wheel House Publication’s 3rd edition.  ISBN 978-0-982866016

Description: contains four main parts. Parts I through III prayers have all been written by the author, Rev. P. Wheelhouse, for a broad audience in mind, non-sectarian, universalistic. Part I contains prayers for various occasions, events, or concerns for individuals. Part II contains “Intercessory” prayers, which broadly understood, are prayers for the users praying for other people. Part III contains over forty occupational prayers. The final part, Part IV, contains excerpts from each of the major world religion’s sacred texts, each expressing a universality and may be understood in a prayerful way. In addition to the four main parts, the book includes a Concise Prayer Primer in the front and includes a Forward, Introduction, index of Authors and Sources and Subject Index.

Light from Above: Sacred Scriptures for the 21st Century and Beyond, by Mark Ahavel, 1st ed. Global Faith Org. Tallahassee, FL, 2012

2nd edition print, Tate Publishing, 2013 (Note: Tate has gone out of business) 378 pages

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ISBN: 9780982866023

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“Beautiful, astounding sacred Scriptures for the 21st century, one-of-a-kind among all the sacred Scriptures of all time around the world, and sure to be a blessing to many.”


This book is truly designed to be a complete sacred Scriptures from cover to cover, 328 pages before index, with the following sections: Divine Narrative, Prophecy and Prayer, Poetry and Psalms, and Wisdom and Didactic/Teaching [and concluding Exhortations]. The Narrative captures the voice of a sacred story teller from the untold stories before the creation of the universe to the universal stories of humankind. The Prophecy section captures the voice of prophecy, all fresh prophecies for our age. The Poetry and Psalms section follows with all new material also written by the author. Then the largest section, Part IV, The Wisdom and Didactic section follows. The voice of this section is from a religious teacher, a gifted contemporary sage, teaching many disciples, addressed to the global audience. The sacred core parts of the book ends with a final Exhortation section. The core parts are followed by several postscripts and appendixes including an Overview of the Beliefs Expressed in these Scriptures, an Interpretation Guide for these Scriptures, the author’s biography, the author’s story of writing the book, additional comments on the book, and Sources Consulted. It is written from a monotheistic perspective yet with a tolerant and loving attitude for all peoples of various faith traditions. It is inspirational, devotional, and educational. This book is a must read for all.

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Human Dignity: A Path of Faith and Spirit, A Charter for a Spiritual Foundation and Restoration for Souls, Rev. P. Wheelhouse, Wheel House Publications, 1st ed. 2013

Print paperback 108 pages  ISBN: 978-0-9828660-3-0

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Kindle: $5.99  ISBN: 978-0-9828660-3-0

human dignity faith spirit restoration souls biblical
Human Dignity: Faith and Spirit

“A beautiful pastoral and social human biblically-rooted and theological book”

Description Summary:

This book articulates a spiritual foundation to human dignity from a Judeo-Christian scriptural basis. It harmonizes the principles of human dignity and faith, joining them into one cohesive system. The core of the book is written with a pastoral style, practically reaching out to many souls whose dignity may have been undermined in any number of ways, to build up their souls, strengthen and encourage them, and give them hope. Portions of the book are also written with a didactic style earning the submission of this document as a charter for the global community.

Four targeted audiences: world, civic, and religious leaders, professionals and volunteers who serve those whose dignity is more vulnerable to compromise, those wanting to learn about a spiritual foundation of dignity, and all whose dignity may have been undermined in any way.

From the Shadows (novel), E. A. Spinz, Wheel House Publications, 1st ed. 2015 (on Kindle)

257 pages  Kindle Price: $5.99  ISBN 978-0-9828660-6-1

From Shadows Spinz novel suspense romance Christian
From the Shadows E.A. Spinz

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Prodigal returns in time to save his mother from being killed. What has he been doing while he was gone? Will he let vengeance be God’s or will he try to do something himself? His first love could be a deciding factor. But will he wind up with her in the end?

Newest Title:
A Devotional Guidebook to the Holy Land for the Body of Christ: Journey with Jesus, Rev. Paul Wheelhouse, 1st ed. Wheel House Publications, 2018

E-Book version: ISBN 978-0-9828660-8-5  Price: $7.77

Print version: ISBN 978-0-9828660-9-2  paperback 5.5 X 8.5” 212 pages

1st ed. Retail Price: $ 21.95 USD  Publisher’s Direct price: $19.99

devotional guidebook holyland christian Israel journey Jesus    
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A Christian devotional guidebook to all the Christian/religious sites in Israel for all Christians. It is site-based, arranged like a typical itinerary of Israel, and it is thoroughly biblical, biblical text-driven, every devotion headed by Scripture verses carefully selected for each site. Most of all, the devotional texts are so uplifting, grace-filled, divine blessings flowing, and theologically sound and rich.

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