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We are sure that you will find the Wheelhouse Art inspirational, beautiful, and unique.
Each of B. Wheelhouse’s multimedia fine are pieces are truly unique, original, and one-of-a-kind but some you might agree are exquisite.

Wheel House Art also includes the Global Praying Hands (c) created by P. Wheelhouse in 2009.

Wheelhouse Art also includes a developing Text-Art series (natural, philosophical, religious, sacred, spiritual, moral, societal, and entertaining. The unique and pithy  statements created by Pa*l Wheelhouse, published by Wheel House Publications, and made into an aesthetic graphic prints).  They are being produced and published one-at-a-time and then placed on the All Products Shop page on this site (forthcoming soon, and see more below).

Wheelhouse Art also includes Calligraphic art (e.g. a ‘sacred text’ art). See below for more information. The vision began in 1986 with creating the two “Jesus” pieces in large cursive calligraphic style. The new place is to render some excerpts from Wheel House publications copyrighted sacred text material set in calligraphic style and add some illuminations (forthcoming).

Wheelhouse Art focuses on inspirational themes that are beautiful, harmonious, syncretic, and often symmetrical, spiritual, sacred, and religious.


The following multi-media masterpieces by artist B. Wheelhouse below are made from various media including beads, jewelry, gems, stones, shells, acrylic, etc.

“The Eucharist” 24 X 36″ Multimedia 2004 regular price: $3000
sale price: $2899

“Blue Symphony” 23 X 30” Multimedia includes lapis lazuli 2004 regular price: $2,500 sale price: $2399   BUY

”Creation” 40 X 50” Multimedia  2004 regular price: $5000
sale price: $4899

“Tropical Paradise” 26 X 29”  Multimedia  2006 regular price: $1,200
sale price: $1,125

“Golden Symmetry” 20 X 24″ Multimedia 2004 regular price: $750
sale price: $699

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The Global Praying Hands®

The Global Praying Hands(c) was created by Paul Wheelhouse with the use of a graphic artist in 2009. All the art work of the Global Praying Hands (s) and its website came under the “Wheelhouse Art” of Wheelhouse Art & Wheel House Publications business beginning on 2012. Please go to the Global Praying Hands website for more information.

Upcoming Projects Planned

Sacred Calligraphy Texts

In the calligraphic category, inspiring calligraphic texts with illuminations are planned by artist Paul Wheelhouse. And fine press printing of these brand new works are being planned which will be available and published under Wheel House Art & Publications.

Hall of Faith Mobile Exhibit

curated by Adjunct Prof. of Religion Paul Wheelhouse (also forthcoming, a project he started working on around 2010).

The Wheelhouse and Wheel House Logos and Graphics

The Wheelhouse logos and Wheel House Graphics on this site have been made made by P. Wheelhouse. Two Wheelhouse logos were made by him in 1986. The artist was born with this surname in a city on the mighty Mississippi river. Family folk lore has it that his great great grandfather was a captain on a steamboat in the great steamboat era of the 1860’s to 1880’s.