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Pa*l Wheelhouse

As Artist and Student of Art History

Pa*l Wheelhouse started his career working for an artists company. In those first years after college in Orlando, he also did some freelance art work including his renderings of the Wheelhouse logo. And he draw some residential renderings for a Wheelhouse builder.

He was keenly interested in calligraphy, and envisioned calligraphic “Scripture art.” His one piece done in these early years of the mid-1980’s was his “Jesus” piece in calligraphy. His interest in calligraphic “Scripture art” was put ‘on the back burner’ for the next several years while in seminary, then serving in the ministry, and a few government stints. And even while working on the MSLIS degree and studying various Medieval manuscripts increased his knowledge and strengthened his interest and gave him enough ideas to prospectively explore, but producing any new ‘art’ was still set aside for his book writing.

As Author and Religion Scholar

Besides his interest in art, he really enjoyed writing too, and even in his first year of college in English Composition class, he wrote a short philosophical paper on Determinism Verses the Freedom of the Will. He caught a glimpse of being a writer of scholastic works and perhaps one day writing a book.

The Call to ministry and serve God intensified in those early years after college to the point of entering seminary. And after getting in the ministry, God led him to study full-time in a graduate program in Jerusalem, Israel. And the spring semester of 1997 was when he began to write his first book,  A Devotional Guidebook to the Holy Land, finished twenty years later.

His career shifted ‘globally’ in 2009-2010 in which be began teaching the World Religions course as an Adjunct Instructor at the local community college and in this same year, finished and self-published his first book: Global Prayers for All People: Various Occasions. In 2013, he finished the book: Human Dignity: Faith and Spirit. Then, as mentioned above, in 2017 he finished the manuscript of A Devotional Guidebook to the Holy Land, published in 2018.

He has been accepted in Ph.D. in Theology program.

Barb*ra Wheelhouse

Barb*ra Wheelhouse got a surge of creativity shortly after retiring, creating over 25 beautiful multimedia masterpieces made from many types of media from gems to jewelry, beads, cabashons, etc from 2004 to 2014. She classifies herself as a primitive artist not having gone to an art school or studied art formally. A few of her pieces of exquisite art were selected and on show on the Wheelhouse Art Gallery on this website. Please be sure to check out the Wheelhouse Art Gallery and enjoy!