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Artists of Wheelhouse Art

Paul Wheelhouse Paul Wheelhouse Author Adjunct Prof owner of Wheelhouse Art and Wheel House Publications Tallahassee Florida

Paul minored in art in college. During the year after he finished college, he drew some Wheelhouse logos (see on the Art Gallery page). His career started by working for an artists company in Orlando for three years. During this time, he also did some freelance art work including some residential renderings for a Wheelhouse builder.

He was keenly interested in calligraphy, and while at an art show in the late 1980’s, caught a vision of doing calligraphic “Scripture art.” He started this with the “Jesus” piece in black and white then in color.

But with his Call to the ministry, the next several years of his life focused on religious studies and then writing and yet later archival work. Through all those years, he kept this vision of sacred calligraphic art in his mind and soul. During these years the St. John’s Bible came out, produced by an expert calligrapher and in high quality.  While studying in the MSLIS degree he had the opportunity to study some  Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts which re-kindled his strong interest and inspired ideas for producing a few more pieces as time allows.

To read more on the works and life of Paul Wheelhouse, go to PaulWheelhouse.com.


Ann Wheelhouse A Wheelhouse

Ann had a career as an inside sales agent in the electrical manufacturing business, and moved up to assistant to the executive vice president and office manager.

After she retired, in the same year, 2004, she began to make a series of most beautiful framed multimedia pictures with all kinds of beads, jewels, cabochons, and other pieces into exquisite compositions and framed and sealed with several coats of clear polyurethane.  And she also decorated a few pieces of furniture which are of museum quality.

She considers herself a “primitive artist” because she did not study in any art program or courses. The term “primitive” does not at all describe these exquisite multi-colored skillful creations like from a the hand of a professional artist.

For years, these 30+ pieces have adorned the interior of her house, though a few of them have displayed in a storefront in a small downtown town and she has sold a few of the pieces. Ann Wheelhouse is not know yet in the art world. But Wheelhouse Art is  committed to preserving all these pieces for many others to enjoy in years to come. Wheel House Art is planning a brick-n-mortar Wheelhouse Gallery  to eventually display these pieces for the public.


Authors of Wheel House Publications

Current authors: Paul Wheelhouse, Mark Ahavel, and E.A. Spinz 

Paul Wheelhouse

As Author, Self-Publisher, and Religion Scholar

Besides his interest in art, he has really enjoyed writing too, his mind inclining to intellectual pursuit. In his first year of college in English Composition class, he wrote a philosophical paper on Determinism Verses the Freedom of the Will. He sensed that one day he would write a book or book or two. He would not have guessed then that he would plan a book series with about ten titles!

The Call to ministry and to serve God full-time intensified in those early years after college came to fruition of entering seminary and four years later graduating from seminary, receiving a Call to serve a congregation, and getting ordained. His life was changed after his second year of seminary when he took his first study trip to Israel. He fell in love with Israel, the land of Israel/Levant, its people, its faith, its cultures.  This pulling to return intensified such that he resigned from his first congregational Call after serving a year and a half to study full-time in a graduate program in Jerusalem, Israel. And during his second semester there, the spring of 1997, he began to write his first book,  A Devotional Guidebook to the Holy Land. He finally finished the manuscript of this book twenty years later in 2018 after writing and self-publishing a couple books.

His career also took another shift toward a global spiritual, religious, and cultural outlook in 2009-2010. This first manifest in 2009 with the launching of a global interfaith prayer website. The prayers that were written for the site got compiled into his first book, Global Prayers for All People in 2010. And this same year, interestingly, a door opened for him to began teaching the World Religions course as an Adjunct Instructor at the local community college and in this same year. In 2013, he finished the book: Human Dignity: Faith and Spirit. 

He also has been passionate about preservation, and believed God gave him the skill and passion in preserving many things from records and manuscripts to historical structures. After a one-year internship for a downtown church’s Heritage Committee in their Collections-Archives room, he went up to Urbana-Champaign, IL to earn a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science degree with a Special Collections Certificate. He is working on preserving religious and American heritage. In 2019, he also was accepted in Ph.D. in Theology program.

Mark Ahavel, Author, Teacher, Apostle

Though quiet and shy as a boy, the light of truth and revelation was gradually unfolding through his life which in turn shed light on a ministry and Calling to the ecumenical Body of Christ. Being born during Vatican II and baptized as a Catholic but raised a Protestant… read more

E.A. Spinz

E.A. Spinz, originally from the Midwest, was in the telecom industry through most of her career. For years, she dreamed of being a novelist. She took a job transfer to Florida in the 1990’s and made Florida her new home. Starting in her early 50’s, she began to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. But she did not give up on her dream. Wheelchair bound, she even flew out to Arizona in the early 2000’s to attend an annual writers conference. She also was a member of Word Weavers Christian Writers group in the Orlando area. So she continued to develop her writing skills and work on her first novel. She completed her first novel, From the Shadows, in 2013-2014. Congratulations! Wheel House Publications agreed to publish the first edition of this book.