About Us

Pa*l Wheelhouse started his career working for an artists company, did some of his own work and a few freelance pieces and some residential renderings. During those 4-5 years, the Call to the ministry was also stirring, and he entered seminary. One of his life-long goals was to combine the interest in art and in faith in creating and producing some calligraphic scripture art pieces, which is still in the “works.” His background from earning an M.Divinity degree, studying biblical Hebrew for 3 years, and studying Hebrew, Christian, and Islamic sacred texts, both before and after earning an MSLIS degree has brought him closer to envisioning a style and the unique texts to be selected.
Barb*ara Wheelhouse created over 25 beautiful multimedia pieces made from many types of media from gems to jewelry, beads, cabashons, etc from 2004 to 2014. She classifies herself as a primitive artist. A few selected of her pieces art on the market exclusively from this website.