Wheelhouse Art and Wheel House Publications are truly unique and inspirational works that touch thousands (potentially) of hearts, minds, and souls since 2012. Actually, the Wheelhouse Art exclusively exhibited on this site goes back to 1986 beginning with the flagship Wheelhouse logo by Pa*l Wheelhouse. Most of the art pieces were created by the inspiring artist Barb*ra Wheelhouse from 2004 to 2014. Reverend and Adjunct Professor of Religion Pa*l Wheelhouse began Wheel House Publications in 2012 and combined the art and publications into this same site when having his second book title published. Mark Ahavel’s book is an exquisite sacred text, potentially a literary masterpiece still just beginning to be discovered. In addition to book titles in the Publications division,  a series of broadsides have been (and more will be) created that are also inspirational, unique, and entertaining (see Broadside Publications page). 

Be sure to peruse any of the FREE booklets or broadsides to assist in your ordering any of the full titles or full-sized broadsides. 

All orders come with a customer services satisfaction.We hope you enjoy our products even for years to come and order titles for friends, family members, etc.

Wheelhouse Art and Wheel House Publications holds exclusive rights to each of its unique products it has created and produced except where licensed to distributors or retailers (online or brick and mortar).

Global Prayers for All People (book), or Five Laws of Information in Society (broadside) or Twenty Wheelhouse Theses for Making America Great (broadside)