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Wheelhouse art pieces are beautiful, inspirational, unique, and original. Wheel House Publications are inspirational, unique, amazing, stupendous, and history-making publications. “Pub” at end of the URL stands for publications, but you can figuratively hang out in this pub as in a tavern of enlightened spirits and enjoy all the art and publications you see!

All the Wheelhouse Art pieces are original and most of them are exclusively seen on this site. Please check out the Art Gallery. Order your piece before someone else does. The Global Praying Hands (c) is also exclusively owned and managed by Wheelhouse Art’s creator. 

Wheel House Publications started in 2012, two years after self-publishing his first book Global Prayers for All People (see on Goodreads), an inspirational prayer book for all. This same year, Mark Ahavel’s Light From Above: Sacred Scriptures for the 21st Century and Beyond 1st edition was published under a Global Faith imprimatur. This publication alone is amazing, stupendous, and history-making, a must-read for anyone interested in literature, faith, religion, the history of religion, religious poetry, prophecy, wisdom literature, comparative religion, the Judeo-Christian tradition, and spirituality. Does that capture your attention? Read more and order a book while you are here.


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Wheel House Publications are divided into two categories of products: Books and Broadsides. Please check them out: Books and Broadsides. We would love to get your comments on any of the books or broadsides we have produced. Please contact us.

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All orders come with a customer services satisfaction. We hope you enjoy our products even for years to come and order titles for friends, family members, etc.


Wheelhouse Art and Wheel House Publications holds exclusive rights to each of its unique products it has created and produced except where licensed to distributors or retailers (online or brick and mortar).


Wheel House Publications first four nonfiction titles
Wheel House Publications first four nonfiction titles

Customer Reviews

Jim of Tallahassee, 2010:  “I loved my Global Prayers book. I use it every morning for my devotions”